Clever Home Staging Tricks


Getting ready to sell your home?

It would be awesome to hire a home stager.

Home stagers are paid to furnish a home and help it look it’s best. What they create isn’t so much the ideal living environment but, the idealized one – one in which there are no awkward furniture arrangements, toys on the floor or crumbs on the countertops. It’s not maintainable for most people everyday, but boy does it work when selling your home!

Stagers typically have furniture and accessories at their disposal, but they can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you can achieve great results by using some of their tricks.

Clear it out and clean it up

The first step in preparing any home for sale is to clear it out and clean it up, getting rid of clutter and personal items and scrubbing it down.

De-cluttering and having a pristine home from top to bottom are the no-brainers that can make your real estate look better than the house down the block. Your home must be cleaner and less cluttered than ever before. You need to get rid of not just the day to day buildup (mail, shoes on the floor, dog hair )but also several years’ accumulation.

Removing kids toys, outdated furnishings, and excessive knickknacks can help. Whatever you can’t sell or donate, box up and store at a friend or relative’s house, or rent a storage unit for a couple of months. Or, if you can do so neatly and without compromising your garage space, stack them along a wall.


A house that reflects your personal style from floor to ceiling and all over the walls will have a hard time appealing to buyers.

Prospective buyers won’t be able to picture themselves in the house if they are surrounded by dozens of photos of your children and grandparents.

Update the bathroom

Not everyone has the funds for a big bathroom renovation prior to selling. Smart changes can make a big difference.

Avoid dated bathrooms, bathrooms sell houses. A low cost approach to dated tile is paint. There are products on the market now, just for this type of project, that effectively cover outdated tile.

Pay attention to design details

After you have cleared away the clutter, you want to focus on creating simple, elegant designs.

For a visual impact on a table without a lost of fuss, remember a design basic: groupings of odd numbers always do the trick! Three of a kind, like….glass hurricane jars, filled with pine cones is a simple way to add interest without to much clutter.

Up your curb appeal

Make sure you make a great first impression, or you might not have an opportunity to make a second impression.

You may have spent hours making sure the kitchen is clean, which is great, but remember, the façade is the first part of your house a potential buyer will see. A little landscaping can go a long way. Potted plants around the front door, will add charm to your entryway. A pretty color paint on your front door, welcomes visitors in a warm way.

Pay attention to odors

We get used to our environment, so we might not notice that musty smell or cat box aroma. Have your REALTOR or a trusted friend do a walk through and give you an honest opinion, not just the way the house looks, but how it smells. Take action by steam cleaning carpets and any other upholstered pieces that need it.

Don’t ignore windows

Windows that are covered by outdated or heavy widow coverings can negatively impact the image of your home. Open the blinds and replace drapes with inexpensive versions that will let the light in.

Upgrade the furniture

Give your home a fresh look with new furniture. New, can make it feel more modern and appeal to more buyers. If you don’t want to spend the money, try giving worn out pieces and pick me up with new pillows or a slipcover.

While you’re at it, take a look at your furniture layout too. Your setup may not be the most appealing to potential buyers. Where logical opt for a layout that makes it easy to envision the space being enjoyed by friends and family.

Give rooms a single purpose

That home office that doubles as a guest room is useful, but when it comes time to sell your home, pick one and go with it. Try to stage rooms as their intended purpose. Buyers are confused by rooms that have multiple purposes.